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14 May 2009

Topic: building completion

Move in was July 29, 2006. That was 2 years, 9-1/2 months ago. Our family has increased by one.  He was born almost three months after we moved in.

We can't be any happier.  You can visit us now at our current site.  Thanks for watching our home being built!

Posted by julietiu at 08:05 CDT
Updated: 14 May 2009 08:08 CDT
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6 July 2006
It's looking like a house...

So there's this new format of editing and adding entries to this, and I haven't figured how to add pictures yet.  It'll have to do sans-pictures, but believe me, the house looks great on the outside, and it's coming together on the inside.

We passed just about everything except Fire and Electrical.  Fire sprinkler fixes are already done.  The techs showed up today (awesome service!), but haven't heard from the electrician.  Actually, we haven't heard from them in a WEEK!  Arrrrrgh.  Elevator is SO close to being done, too.  Just a few drywall patches here and there, installation of a door at the mechanical room, hanging a fire extinguisher... the comforting thing is that the elevator wouldn't hold up the certificate of occupancy.  Meaning, we can move in without the elevator in complete working order.  We'd like to have it working, of course, before we move, but we can actually work around that if we have to.

Move-in shouldn't be too far away...

Posted by julietiu at 20:53 CDT
Updated: 14 May 2009 08:06 CDT
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5 July 2006
Update as of 10:13 AM

Forestry = pass
Plumbing = pass
Sprinkler = pass
Fire/Life Safety = waiting
HVAC = waiting
Electrical = waiting
Zoning = waiting
Final inspect by Building Administrator = waiting

The wildcard will be the elevator b/c that's a whole separate inspection through the State of Illinois. I don't know if the elevator has any bearing on the final occupancy from the City of Park Ridge. There are plenty of residents who do residential elevators to their existing homes - and they live there during the construction?

remote Posted by julietiu at 13:22 CDT
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afternoon update
Update: 1:11 PM

Forestry = pass
Plumbing = pass
Sprinkler = pass
Engineering = pass
Fire = failed (need a few items addressed)
Health/Safety = failed (need drywall under the stairs at the basement level)
Electrical = going on right now
HVAC = waiting
Zoning = waiting
Final = waits for all the others

remote Posted by julietiu at 13:22 CDT
Updated: 6 July 2006 20:46 CDT
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Today's the day!
It's been a long journey, but we're finally here. Final inspection day! As of 10:13 AM, Forestry and Plumbing have passed. Still, many, many more inspectors are to walk through.

Eastman and I, Domingo, friends... we've all been spending time at the house over the last few weeks tidying things up, installing things, writing punchlist after punchlist.

Will update as more details come through.

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12 June 2006
Ode to Our Refrigerator
Our refrigerator is gone. Someone out there has a spankin' brand new GE Monogram, stainless steel, side-by-side refrigerator. Terrible...

I went to the house on Friday afternoon to see that electrical work was completed on the second floor and any work associated with the elevator was done. I didn't see the kitchen first, and when I did, the huge blank space where the refrigerator stood completely confused me. I thought maybe the electrician had moved the refrigerator to the garage for whatever reason; it wasn't there. Then I started looking around the first floor in a daze. You'd think a honkin' huge 25 cu. ft. stainless steel refrigerator would stick out, right? When the realization hit me that we had been burglarized, a bit of panic and tears came (pregnancy hormones probably add to the emotions, too).

Apparently there have been other break-ins in the area, new construction, of course. Neighbors have been very nice supplying us with some interesting information. Who knows, maybe we'll find out there's a ring out there selling stolen items from around the area. We're working with our "city's finest"...

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5 June 2006
It's been too long
I can't believe the last entry was in March. So much progress, yet, we're still not moved in.

Since then, the house has really begun to take shape. Doors, trim, flooring, kitchen cabinets, appliances, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, etc. have all been installed. The elevator and site work really have to catch up. Carpet is laid out, and should be finished tomorrow. Stucco should be done today and scaffolds down tomorrow.

A few friends have commented: The house is really following a Frank Lloyd Wright/Prairie style? Are you going for a Prairie style home? The answer is yes - we've tried to stay with the style. We've loved working with our friend and architect, Chris Payne. His suggestions/recommendations have been so helpful. And as details have evolved due to field changes, we hope we didn't screw up too badly. The house will continue taking on new details and character through the years, we're sure of that.

In the meantime, we continue to battle with the weather; praying for three consecutive days without rain. The problem with that is, we have dry days on the weekends, and no one works then. The pile of dirt in the backyard is almost gone - lots of it used to backfill the foundation, and more will go in the front. I was hoping to get the driveway cut this week and framed, but not going to bank on it. Might be raining for the next three days.

Here are a couple of pics from the interior. The stairs are all stained and here's a shot of the dining room. Funny part is, the electrician hung the fixture 90 degrees the wrong way. This whole time I pictured it the other way, and I walked in to find it this way. However, we measured the room to find out that the fixture is actually running in the longer direction, so we'll just live with this for right now and see how it works out. More "funny" stories another time.

Posted by julietiu at 12:41 CDT
Updated: 5 June 2006 13:06 CDT
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9 March 2006
Mucky Mess Today
Stairs were completed last Friday (3/3). They look AWESOME! Have to post pics soon.

Abby and I were at the site today. Elevator was delivered yesterday. They'll be as far as they can get by the end of today. Talked with the tile guy today too. Looks like we're in good shape. Ceramic tile should start next week. Master Bathroom will be mudset - the old-fashioned way of laying ceramic tile. The other bathrooms will be thinset applications.

Trim carpentry will start over the weekend! Hurrah! Window trim is all stained already, and all the parts and pieces are in queue. Hopefully there won't be any glitches.

The only items that are a bit concerning to me right nOW: water in the elevator pit, rough grading in the backyard, masonry at the front porch.

remote Posted by julietiu at 14:10 CST
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9 February 2006
So, now that 1/3 of the month is over (which also includes my leave from the office), thought I should update the blog. The residential elevator coordination drives me nuts! Basically, the elevator people gave a four item list of things to take care of so they could start, and now it's turned into a 10 item list! And, there's more work for carpenters that we don't have at hand. Not to worry I hope, I've called a friend, and I might have to call some carpenters from my office for some other assistance.

On a good note, the garage doors are in, and we might be able to get the front door set over the weekend. Gotta lock up the house before the deliveries start coming in. Kitchen cabinets on Tuesday! Unfortunately, the flooring hasn't started....

I'm so annoying myself, yet, I keep trying to remind myself this will all be worth it in the end.

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26 January 2006
Up and running again
After a long hiatus (a.k.a. Christmas and New Year's), we're back up and running. Firestopping (thanks to my husband's brother and father) and insulation happened over the holidays/early January. Actually, drywall is already up (as of yesterday). 1-1/2 days and the whole house got walls. They stocked the house over the weekend (Jan. 21-22) we think. We never saw them; as if there were drywall leprechauns! All of sudden, the drywall was in the house. Will have to post pictures soon.

Very few snafus with the rough mechanicals. Just a few items had to be fixED: non-fire rated recessed lights at the second floor (14 of them), minor leak in the fire sprinkler system (misting, if you will), relocation of gas piping by the fireplace, addition of some gas piping, etc. We had a friend put some speaker wire in the walls, too, for which we are very grateful for his help over a few evenings and a weekend.

I like to think we're in the home stretch, but a few people have guessed that we won't be done until April/May... naysayers! I'm still pushing for March for substantial completion. Just keep your fingers crossed for mild weather and maybe we can get the driveway in.

remote Posted by julietiu at 12:27 CST
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