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Abby's Great Adventure
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The joys of toddlerhood . . .

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Abby is well into the second half of the school year, and is loving her 3 yr. old - PM preschool.  They started with 12 students, 6 boys and 6 girls, and now have 15 students.  She's doing well, chatting away, learning new songs, creating tons of art projects and such.

We're looking forward to her fourth birthday which is just around the corner.

Julie and Eastman

Vital Statistics

Abby's World Premiere:
Date of Birth: 2/22/02
Time of Birth: 8:02 P.M. (20:02 for all you military people)
Place: Park Ridge, IL
Weight and Length: 7 lbs. 13-1/2 oz.; 18 inches

Memorial Day 2005

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